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Solutions - For Warehouse Lenders & Underwriters

Collateral management and pledging activity rely on slow, largely manual diligence, legal and other activities to minimize this operational risk. UCC filings rarely provide any protection for individual assets. Through more than a decade of registry experience, we’ve built the next generation loan registry to help ensure warehouse lender rights to an individual account are adequately protected. Loan verification is conducted when going into the warehouse and repeated at securitization. Tokenized diligence enables an immutable record of independent loan diligence to be readily accessible downstream.

Our suite of solutions for Warehouse lenders & Underwriters includes:


We maintain an independent, systemic management tool for collateral pledge risk, to ensure a single, accurate pledge position across industry participants to reduce errors and possibility of mis-pledging.

Tokenized Diligence℠

We provide the infrastructure to immutably record independent due diligence at origination for 100% of loans, enabling faster access downstream to diligence in support of securitization (15G disclosures), reducing repetitive costs and providing more investor assurance.

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Other products using the blockchain registry are on the roadmap. We welcome further input from the industry.

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