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Online lending is an exciting new asset class with a cutting edge business model…and a very short operating history. It offers great investment options, but how do investors know their assets are validated and protected? We provide certainty of assets by:

  • Enabling real independent validation of loan data against trusted third-party sources to provide confidence in the asset and optimal pricing.
  • Creating and tracking loan-level chain of title to support secondary market sales, reinforce downstream collectability and protect against double selling.
  • Providing safe and secure access to critical loan information to enable independent analytics so investors can maximize the value of loan assets over time.

Asset managers, hedge funds and other investors are increasingly looking at the online lending sector as an innovative investment opportunity. By setting the standards for due diligence in this space, we’re providing investors with tools to better manage business risks, “put-back” loans in a timely informed manner and enable liquidity in the secondary markets.

Our suite of solutions for investors includes:


We provide independent loan level validation of the integrity of key data points from trusted third party data sources to confirm: Borrower identity, Credit representation, Loan disbursement, Document validation. eValidation can be conducted at origination, at secondary sale or securitization, without exposing you to the risk of managing personal identifiable information (PII).


We provide digital verification of data in online loan documents against the loan tape for investors, automating what’s traditionally been done manually.


We provide regulatory risk management solutions for loan compliance of usury, AML, KYC and other compliance risks.


We give you independent access to additional borrower insights, using GDR’s secure PII clearing facility and a breadth of third party data sets to enhance the understanding of your investments and help you better manage business risks.


We create and track chain of title for every loan in your portfolio, providing a critical piece to help preserve liquidity for secondary market sales in Online Lending, effective recovery and asset protection.

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