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Certainty Fuels Growth

GDR helps investors, warehouse lenders and online lenders better protect their assets.

GDR’s technology solutions ensure asset certainty, enhanced loan data integrity to reduce investment risk, enabling secondary market sales and protect against mispledging and double sale of assets.

Global Debt Registry is re-defining investor due diligence standards in online lending to ensure asset certainty and spur industry growth.

Services We Provide

GDR is the asset certainty company. We offer best in class services to help online lenders attract long-term mature capital providers, and assure investors and warehouse lenders of the integrity of online lending assets. Find out more about our solutions for Online Lenders, investors, Warehouse Lenders, Accounts Receivable Management and our network of industry partners.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to help online lenders attract stable capital sources and protect investors and warehouse lenders against bad loan data, double pledging and double selling of assets. Our services support a safe and sound secondary market and assure ongoing compliance of underlying loans. We enable investors to obtain enhanced certainty in the quality of their assets without the risks associated with protecting borrower information on the underlying loans. We believe certainty fuels growth.

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