Global Debt Registry Secure Consumer Debt Registration

Certainty Fuels Growth

Global Debt Registry is re-defining investor due diligence standards in online lending to spur growth.

Verification is simply not enough today. Investors and online lenders need real certainty and real loan validation to bring real growth to the industry.

As a partner to online lenders, investors, and warehouse lenders, we ensure proper validation and protection of assets with our suite of digital due diligence solutions.

Global Debt Registry is the asset certainty company for the online lending sector.


Services We Provide

Our suite of asset certainty products provides investors with the risk infrastructure and protections they need. As the independent industry clearinghouse of loan information, we protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and ownership and pledge rights, to ensure investor confidence.


Our Commitment

Global Debt Registry is digitally transforming investment in the online lending sector. We are re-defining industry standards to ensure investor protections are in place to encourage mature capital growth in the industry. We believe certainty fuels growth.


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